Ghetto Defendant 2009

(Installation and Performance)

Amplifier, Speakers, Guitar Amplifiers, Video Monitor, DVD player, wireless receiver, audio cables


The work takes it’s title, and quite literally the content from “Ghetto Defendant” by The Clash (1982 Epic Records) featuring Allen Ginsberg. With a manipulated 25 second sample from the beginning of the song, the resulting sound element for the installation features a time-stretched re-scoring.

Mirrored with Ginsberg’s ramblings, referencing “subterranean homesick blues” by Bob Dylan (1965 Columbia Records) the artist appears in hijacked footage from a street installed public CCTV in Peckham London, examining the structure behind the root purpose of the positioning, and indeed need of such cameras. In the original video, Ginsberg appears somewhat belligerently in the rear view of shot, behind Dylan, talking in an alleyway. Ginsberg, as a pop-prophet of the time, drifting across mediums, acts as poetic migrant.