Channel 7:13 Performance

Channel 7:13

 7 video monitor display, amplifiers, video processors, DV playback system

238cm x 151cm x 65cm



Performance date: 5th June 2013, The Depot Gallery, Clapton, London

The motif is an instantiation of a schematic diagram involving a feedback loop of video processors. Various key locations of the feedback-flow correspond physically to a  video monitor. The video-out signal at these nodes is directed to an amplifier stacked as totem alongside and the audio is fed back into the system.

The performance of the work inaugurated the exhibition and was recorded on VHS.
7 channels of video were reloaded to the system and a silent playback version remained. A portfolio of still images was derived from the work, to represent extracts of the performance in object-like form.



Channel 7:13 (Reloaded)